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April 06, 2008



School systems of today have become cess pools of political correctness. The schools of my youth allowed far more freedom of speech than the distorted systems of today. I really started noting the changes when I left active duty in 69 to use my GI Bill to finish a BA I had started six years earlier. It became worse when in the seventies, while working on a MS, I would be introduced by professors as "Our resident Rapist and baby killer." Over the years, I spent quite a bit of time teaching, where I was often the only one to mention that "Freedom of Speech is a Civil Right, and must therefore, most surely apply to those who had beliefs counter to ours." I was often not the most popular member of the faculty. Many schools today are filled with the products of learning from the draft dodgers of the sixties and seventies that were not elected to Congress. I had family at Concord bridge, the Rights they fought for included people of faith. I'll meet you at the bridge.

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