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May 03, 2008


George Kocan

Michael Eddows researched the JFK assassination and came up with some provokative findings. Lee Harvey Oswald did serve in the Marines and defected to the USSR, taking with him top secret information which compelled the Air Force to change all its codes. He supposedly learned Russian while stationed in Japan, but spoke Russian, after he came back to the US, with a Baltic accent. He married a woman whose uncle was a top Societ spy. The body of Oswald and the Marine record of his physical measurments did not match. Jack Ruby was not only a crime syndicate member but also a Communist. I could go on, but that paints a different picture than what we supposedly know from the newspapers and especially Oliver Stone's movie.

H.M. Vann

And what about the fact that JFK, Alduous Huxley and C.S. Lewis -- three prominent minds -- all died that day? Any larger correlation there?

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