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May 17, 2008


Class Act

The Post Office's response to Flight 800 was to institute a policy that any parcel with stamps affixed for postage which weighs over one pound can not be mailed unless the clerk can ask you a series of questions, such as, is there anything flammable, explosive, etc. in the box. Now, to show how a bureaucrat thinks, there is an exception. If you mail the box with postage paid by a meter or in one of the USPS automated vending machines, no human ever asks you boo...instead there is a screen filled with small, single-spaced typing which I always skip (when I use the automated machine). Some security.

George Kocan

Were the two planes destroyed by a conspiracy? Maybe. One blew up during Bill Clinton's term, the other just into GW Bush's first term. I assume that if there was a conspiracy, both were planned during Clinton's term in office. Also, the Murrah Federal Building blew up during Clinton's term. If 9/11 were a conspiracy, it also would have been planned during Clinton's term. David Schippers, who lead as the chief counsel Henry Hyde's impeachment committee, said the government covered up the involvement of Arab and German nationals in the Murrah bombing. The press helped in the cover-up by throwing up a smoke-screen emphasizing Monica Lewinsky antics instead of criminal activity of the Clintons. This deserves more attention.

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