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July 30, 2008


Austin personal trainer

Michelle looks like she is looking for someone to slap. She appears to be the one making the major decisions.


I did some university classes in the seventies and eighties, heard and saw a lot of that anger, mostly from the kids with privileged backgrounds. The really poor kids were just happy to be there and trying to stay. Vets got more crap than the minority students.


In the final analysis, the reason many Americans will not vote for Obama have to do with Michelle's attitudes & beliefs, which Obama also embraces, although he has done an excellent job of covering that up from public view with the help of an all too cooperative & complicit old establishment mainstream media.

Many already realize Obama wants to lead America with an emphasis on tailoring his actions to benefit blacks, as though whites & others are not relevant. Obama does not want to lead America, he wants to lead black America. His focus is on providing blacks with advantages. He espouses a concern for America while concentrating on minority issues alone. Many of his platform issues have to do with helping out blacks, not "America."

There will also be some left over for other minorities such as Hispanics, simply because Democrats see them as probable future Democrat voters, because Democrats will pander to them at this time, & will then "expect" Hispanics to return the favor. In the meantime, greedy employers will seek out new "illegals" so they can pay that crowd low wages, while newly legalized Hispanics obtain the benefits of legal citizenship or residency. But those same newly legalized person will lose their jobs as those employers turn to the new low wage crowd, rather than deal with those who can now count on the law to protect them.

The opportunism of the Democrat Party displays for all to see their agenda to socialize America. Give power to the government & it will "take care of you." They forget to mention that also means one must "obey" that government or face consequences. Many Hispanics who come from socialized nations fail to realize the American dream is based on the free market & the rights of the individual citizen. These are concepts they never had so they do not understand them. But, if those freedom concepts are overturned by socialist Democrats, the nation illegal aliens "thought" they were getting will disappear into nothing & this country will also become like the countries these illegal aliens came here to escape.
So far Obama has been able to cover up his plans or ideals. The media have truly enabled him to do that since many of them foolishly think the socialist way would be best for America. The irony is that in almost every socialist nation, the media are among the first such repressive government targets for nationalization & "control."

Obama's childhood mentors, his religious training as an adult, and his wife's "victim" mentality, will drive him to try to socialize America to match the indoctrinations he received as a child & her beliefs based on her belief that blacks are always victims & must be taken care of.

Malcolm White

A vote for Obama is a vote to end life as we know it! Obama would be the end of the American Dream!

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