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August 23, 2008


Bill Charleston

Of importance, did you hear the last two shots close together, a SPLIT second apart? When you understand that and can prove that is the truth, you've taken the first step to solving this murder.

The solution to the shooting is really quite easily figured out now, but the difficult thing to understand is that the government does NOT and never did want to publicize the truth.

A few years ago as an interested amateur researcher I started asking question of some of these "experts." I was shocked at their shallow conclusions and lack of a questioning attitude. For example, the first book I read on the subject was by Dr. Crenshaw who never backed down and always told the truth about Kennedy's head wound in the back of the head. It's hard to imagine HOW Crenshaw could be wrong about those descriptions that he and others made. But researchers today seem to be confused about the medical witnesses, so they essentially ignore them when their observations are a key data point.

WHY is it like this?

Lyndon Johnson was the power behind the assassination and J. Edgar Hoover was the one who controlled the investigations, altered evidence as needed and crushed those who questioned the rediculous conclusions.

Every documentary starts out with MYSTERY, but no, it's NOT a mystery, it's a SECRET, a secret so closely guarded that "they" fear to this day the truth.

But as you suspect, and I know, the truth will really set us free.


I was in college when this happened, shortly after the shooting, I went to take a test in a language class. I watched it "live" on TV, but the spin was on by the time I got back and watched the evening news. I grew up shooting, often military surplus rifles. When I watched the shooting I told others, "Three shots." When they showed the rifle on TV, I thought, it would have taken a lot of luck with that rifle. I have fired several of those Italian carbines, shot huge groups with the surplus ammo available back then. A little over a year later, I was in the army, overseas and reading the lies in the newspapers. Have never much trusted government since.

Frank Roper

I read a book called "Blood, Money and power". This book blames LBJ as having a role in the assassination. The author also states that JFK was not the only assassination that Johnson was involved in. I have a hunch that somehow that his pal J. Edgar Hoover was somehow involved.

Avid Reader

Thank you so very much Dodi for sharing this with us. You have been most gracious with your time and it is deeply appreciated.

A milllion questions pop into mind at the thought of a fresh witness to the events of that fateful day, but I will limit them to the following five. Thank you in advance.

1 How many feet in front of the presidentail limousine were you when JFK went back and to the left?

2. What was the "whizzing sound" you heard? Was it gunfire? Or like gunfire but different? Did all 3 shots "whiz"? Or just certain ones?

3. You mention (quote) and a sound like a third shot, but coming from a different direction, which I thought was coming directly across from the knoll (close quote)...
Are you saying the 3rd shot may have come from the other grassy knoll on the south side of Dealey Plaza?

4. Of the people who had cameras and film taken from them on the grassy knoll, did you notice if one of them was a young man in a military uniform laying on the ground near the corner of the stackyard fence?

5. Did you see or smell smoke from the gunfire coming from the stockyard fence?

Wim Dankbaar

18 september 2008


Here you have a video link to a brand new, full fledged documentary of 2 hours that presents the most powerful (yet unknown) evidence you have ever seen for the plot to kill John F. Kennedy. JFK was one of the most loved presidents in history, representing hope for freedom and democracy. The man telling the story, Chauncey Marvin Holt, is dead now and was a self admitted career criminal. But in some ways, at least in my view, he was also a good man. For having a conscience and for sharing his story. He knew he was going to die shortly. In fact he died 8 days after this recording. This was the last thing he wanted to do. For YOU and your children.

Just one of the startling revelations in this film, is that the cuban exile militants, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles, who are now being protected by the Bush administration (just google their names), were on Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed. You will further learn how Government Agencies and Organized Crime worked together.

I have decided to make it available free of charge on Google video. If you value the information, you may spread it far and wide.

Sincerely yours,

Wim Dankbaar

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