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August 13, 2008



"They can because they can".

Paper Tiger. Our bluff has been called dozens of time w/ inaction. And people wonder why we are not respected. Not because we're building empires and invading countries to control and are arrogant, but because we're inept and impotent. Deadlines come and go w/ out consequences. Incentives like millions of dollars are bribes to stop making nukes go unanswered. Helping build power plants instead go towards more nuke programs. Then pay more yet to stop. This can go on for years. The same w/ Iran, and others. "Putin can...because he can"! [My quote]. Don't forget political correctness.

This is why others have little respect for the US. The delinquents rule.

If we raised our children like our foreign policy, they would fast become juvenile delinquents, as would their children.

As Charlie Daniels sings, "The Devil went down to Georgia".


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