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September 10, 2008



When JFK was shot, I was studying for a spanish test that I would take later in the day as a sophomore in college.
On 9-11-01 i was setting up my classroom and talking to a couple early arriving students. One of the young ladies that worked in an office nearby, came in and told me what was going on. I went to the office and watched long enough to find out what was up. I went back to my classroom and explained it to my students. Then I told them to go home and take care of their families. I was sure that the Twin Towers would come down when I saw the fires. We had considered plan crashes on construction in the military. I was sure the Pentagon would confine the damage to a localized area due to its construction. I spent the rest of the day thinking about who did it, wondering if I knew anyone there, and if the army would be calling back retired personnel.

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