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September 13, 2008



What is this man trying to convey? Democrats-good, Republicans-bad?


Having to motivate around on a daily basis with a disability is quite tough. I am, for all practical purposes, deaf and I'm sure there are those that think it is not true. However, I've never received any sympathy -- that I'm aware of -- because of my inability to hear. If anything, people in general find "dealing" with me to be quite annoying. So I don't know why the person telling the tale about you feels you are getting so much sympathy. Do folks blather about how much they feel sorry for you? I didn't think so! How I wish I could drum up some sympathy for myself.:) Don't let this bother you. I have a sister that makes up outrageous stuff about me. A friend of hers told me it's because she is envious of me. Imagine that!

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