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January 31, 2009


Alisia Hanson

I liked your post. Nancy Grace has asked, "why." Not that I agree with much of what she says, she does care about missing kids and she has questioned why Casey Anthony has such an expensive legal defense.

Honestly, I am so fed up with Casey Anthony. I've spent many many mindless hours in front of the television and computer since I first heard that 9-1-1 call (its worth mentioning I heard it the day the news broke, which I believe was the same day it happened). Since then I've been obsessed. The media knows it, that's why they continue like this. I guess its her fate that means so much. What she did was so evil, so horrible. Its like a bad car wreck. I wish I could give it up but I can't.

I don't understand how anyone could represent her. I guess it doesn't matter anyhow because its not like her legal team is actually interested in getting her off. They're deposing bad character witnesses. They're only calling the media whores to the stand. The people that have spoken out against Casey and whose names the American people recognize. I mean they called her childhood friend to the stand and all she had to say was that Casey was very familiar with the area in which she stashed the body. I don't know how that helps her case. It doesn't but it will make a terrific chapter in the book.

All the interviews, all the publicity, that shit is paid. They're making bank. The family, the "friends," and after the trial is over, THE LAWYERS. Its sick.

It hurts my heart just thinking about it.

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