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August 24, 2009



I can't believe Obama is going to cut off our measley 5% cost of living increase. We already make much less than those who are able to work for a living. We need this cost of living increase because costs of necessities such as: food, gas, utilities, prescriptions, dry goods, insurance, and just about everything else have NOT GONE DOWN, BUT HAVE DEFINITELY GONE UP. MANY OF US ALREADY LIVE BELOW THE POVERTY GUIDELINES. What Obama is doing is cruel and callous. If he does this, many seniors will NOT VOTE TO RE-ELECT HIM.

edward ohrablo

president Obama is the worst president that the seniors on fixed income can have in office If he had spent more time caring for seniors instead of his health plan . and did someting about the high price of gas OH he did on JAN 20 2009 it was $1.80 on Dec 31,2010 it rose to $3.60 he had both house of Congress and they did nothing So lets remember them this coming Nov 6 2012

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