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August 20, 2009



"This is a rare case where proof is offered by a negative."

Proof is never offered by a negative. Instead of seeing factual analysis of a current issue, I see the same old argument and supposition. Oddly enough, Palin defends her Death Panel comments in much the same way.

"Well, no, the bill doesn't actually SAY that, but here is why it will lead to euthanasia." And then proceeds to offer the same supposition-based arguments to support her case.

Sorry, this stuff no longer washes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Whereas euthanasia is not the law of the land in America, abortion is. Therefore, Obamacare does NOT have to specifically address abortion. It would not specifically have to address the removal of an appendix either. Both abortion and other medical procedures that are lawful would be covered in any bill dealing with health issues. Subsequently, Mr. Hector is inaccurate.

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