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December 23, 2009


Captain Steve

Snopes is run by two lefties. It can't be trusted for things such as this.

There are good websites that track Christmas friendliness.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Per blog rules, link with above comment was deleted.


Most stores do not tell you not to say Merry Christmas. What they will tell you is that they prefer you to say Happy Holidays. But if you want to say Merry Christmas you can. 2 years ago we were told to answer the phone with Happy Holidays so you would not offend anyone. But I'm a rebel who believes in Merry
Christmas and chose not to say anything that year. Last year we had to take down our decorations around every department so not to offend, also we had to stop the Christmas Music . This year we had gift packages decorations at every register No merry Christmas signs no christmas music but we could say Merry Christmas This was Wal-mart stores . We've come a long ways!!!

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