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February 22, 2008



This is strange i was just speaking to my wife about how he has ppl mesmerized.
I very much beleive he is the antichrist.
When the antichrist comes he will have come from nowhere.
His speech is flawless and eloquent.
I am 39 years old and i have never heard any other U.S.president or runner up have such a dialogue or influence over ppl of all walks of life.
John Kennedy was not so eloquent in his speeches.
Here comes the armegeddon.

T Dixon

Very interesting article.... I've wondered about this myself. I'm not going to say I full on believe he is the antichrist, but I'm wary of him.... I don't trust him and I never have. Even his name makes me nervous. I mean, as political as this country is, what made someone with the name Hussein or Obama run for president? Did he just wake up one day and think, nobody will care, it won't make people nervous at all! And the fact that he's hidden the fact that he is a Muslim. He has gone on and on about how he didn't vote to send us to Iraq. Well gee, I wonder why. We'd be fighting the people he sides with. Stuff to think about..... Hope more people read this site to give themselves that insight into him.


Strange that he hail from Chicage....His zip code there was 60606....look it up if you do not believe me. Check out cafepress.com Obama merchandise for sale....a lot of it has pentagrams on it. The "O" in Obama has a star in the middle of it. Google it and check it out...it is all true. Beware I say .....


Last night at church we were talking about Obama being the Antichrist. I think that it is true.
It says the Antichrist will reign for 3.5 years. Well, if you take out how long it takes for him to get
inaugurated, then it is 3.5 years.
If Obama gets elected President then I believe that the Rapture and the Tribulation will come to the world very soon.
The Mayan calendar doesn't go past 2012, well that is the year of the next election and Obama will most likely run for President again.
I may be only a teenager, but my whole group of friends are scared out of their minds that Obama will be President.


If Obama is indeed the Antichrist it won't fully be realized by Bible believing Christians until he's actually in power and is started to be courted and in essence "worshipped" by other world leaders and their peoples. And then, frankly, I say we shouldn't really care that much, but look UP! Our Savior will be here to collect us and then let all the unsaved people enjoy being enslaved by Obama. As saved Christians we will have glory ahead of us and they will have hell on earth.

It's already notable to me that people in other countries outside of America are putting their hopes on Obama to be US president, and they can't even VOTE for him! He's already putting a "spell" on millions of people around the world, and yet he's full of empty rhetoric that tells no one what he's really thinking. He's a blank slate and people can project their own image onto him.

His heritage is from Kenya which is right next to Ethiopia. Kenya didn't exist as a separate country in Bible times, it was all considered Ethiopia. The Bible strongly intimates in the Old Testament that the future man of sin will come from either Ethiopia or Syria.

Seamus McGuinness

Thats pretty interesting. I better start going to church...


I agree with all of th comments. I have heard many people say he is handsome. I for one feel just like Dan does in regards to his saying he will lead, but never any answers as to how. I even went to his website to find out just what his political statement was and low and behold what it is, I could not figure out. All the videos all have the same speeches. I do not feel prejudice about white, black, or women or men as president but I do want to know just what they plan to truly do for this country and it's people. In all fairness, I even sat on Hilliary Clinton's site reading and listening. People may not want her either, but at least she has something to say about where she wants to take this country. I don't know why but i have felt it urgent to vote in this election. My stomach and head will not let me stop thinking of this one. I thought Osama was the Antichrist, but after feeling this and hearing people talk about Obama this way and reading this online also, I am very afraid for this country and the people of the world.


I have been researching info on Barack Hussein Obama since I first found out about him and the more info I find on him the more I feel with all my heart he is the anti christ! One example is his blatent name... it's almost as god himself has made it sooo ironically obvious that something is definetly up, I mean come on people Obama is about as close as you can get to Osama... Barack means blessed, and Hussein will always be associated with Saddam. Not only that weird coincidence, but if you add all the letters of his name together you get 18...which in turn you could come to the conclusion that 6+6+6=18....the Bible states in Revelations 13:18 "This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the numberof the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666." Please I urge you to look it up in any Bible. Then there is the fact that he has a strong Muslim backround but claims to be a Christian...of course that's what he wants you to think. He won't even say our countries pledge or put his hand over his heart. There are soooo many odd things about him that just add up to my conclusion I could right 10 pages here. As rediculous as this might sound I urge you to do some research of your own and just be aware. If this is true then there is nothing we can do to stop it, just keep faith in God and don't let this guy pull the wool over your eyes. He comes to us as a wolf in lambs clothing.


I had these same suspicions. Somethings not right and I can feel it. i took a look at cafepress.com and found a shirt with muslim writing on it under the category of obama merchadise. Tab 4 under his merchandise. its buried on the 4th page, but its there clear as day. I too have noticed how he speaks so flawlessly, its perfect. No one can do that all the time. he tone, oration, all of it , in perfect harmony. I feel hes the antichrist. All the signs are there. Take heed america!




Barack Hussein Obama
18 letters
6 x 6 x 6
this is the sign


(I don't expect my comment to be posted, but I'll take a chance)

I am a born-again Christian and I believe there will be an anti-Christ according to Bible "prophecy"-- based on prophecy according to the Word of God. Therefore, no person can "vote" the anti-Christ into power; he will be destined to take the position whether you vote him in or not. We must be careful in our eschatology not to get ahead of ourselves with our own prejudices and fears. It could be that Obama is just a man with a Muslim name and a good organizer of people. We must be careful not to destroy a man's reputation because he speaks of peace. Jimmy Carter is a man of peace (a Christian), yet he was not viewed as an anti-Christ when he ran for Commander in Chief. But because his name is of so-called English origin and he's white, we readily excepted him. But since Obama is black with a Muslim name, we become suspicious of his kindly character.

Shame on you all! Perhaps you already have the anti-Christ in office. If I'm not mistaken, Dick Cheney is distant relative of Obama! Are you now suspicious of Cheney? Hmmmm? But you won't go there because Cheney is white and his name doesn't sound Muslim. Had Barak Obama’s name been Jerry Smith or Henry Jefferson, or Peter Piper, none of you would be having this discussion right now.

I was told as an African-American that evangelical churches could be some of the most prejudices churches on earth. I’m incline to believe that. After all, it was the protestant churches that formed the KKK. If Dr .Martin Luther King Jr. was running instead of Barak Obama, you people would have the same suspicions about him being the anti-Christ. How do I know? Because MLK was black. He was a “Christian” who spoke eloquently--talked of peace and all people coming together as one. No doubt you people would have made references about his name being linked to a religious reformer of the Catholic faith, or that he spoke skillfully, or that his last name was “King,” or something of that absurd nature. Isn’t a black person allowed to have a social conscience? . . . possess the ability to speak well? . . . to reach others outside their ethnical grouping?

Even if the anti-Christ was running for the presidency you people probably wouldn’t recognize him because many of the Jews didn’t recognized Jesus as the Messiah. Besides, the Word of God doesn’t say to look for the anti-Christ. It told you to look for Jesus’ return (the Rapture of the Church). As an African-American I use to support pastors like Pat Robinson and John Hagee, but NOT anymore! Pat Robinson would rather have Hillary Clinton on his platform to speak of her “faith” on CBN. Exactly what is Hillary’s faith? Am I to assume she’s all right because she’s white and a woman, and the anti-Christ won’t be a woman? Regardless, Hillary needs salvation like everyone else because she lies and deceives. I notice, the Bible speaks of a “harlot” which symbolically implies the tendencies of a woman, but I won’t go there. Pat Robinson also endorsed Guillani first, a well-known adulterous whose mistress was living in his house! And Pat Robinson also endorsed Bush for two terms (and it has been widely reported that Bush has told more than 900 lies). And John Hagee endorsed John McCain. Will wonders never cease? Look up John McCain’s name in the Wikipedia and you will see his history. Yes, he’s a hero, but he also uses profanity like a sailor and has a known temper! Ahhh, the wisdom of these so-called evangelical leaders! I actually liked Huckabee and Ron Paul. Too bad they’re not in the running (Ron Paul is continuing). But getting back on the subject of Obama as the anti-Christ . . . . I believe you people should pray more and study your Bibles carefully because the Bible also said the following in Matthew 5:11: Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Notice, to “revile”-- to verbally attack someone; say all manner of evil “FALSELY” against a Christian for God’s sake. Could it be that false statements are being made against a godly man? After all, many said false things against Martin Luther King Jr, who was a godly man (accused of being a communist and adulterous). Many people accused Jesus of being a winebibber. And another thing, just because a black person is able to speak eloquently doesn't make the person "anti" anything. It simply proves the person is articulate with the gift of oration, and probably educated. Obama is a good speaker but he's not a GREAT speaker. Bishop Jakes and Miles Munroe are far more adept as "eloquent" speakers in comparison to Obama.

I recall reading in the Bible when Apostle Paul had to openly rebuke Peter for his prejudices against the Gentiles at one time. Peter wanted to please the Jews so he stopped associating with the Gentiles. Paul had a just cause to rebuke his fellow laborer in the gospel. So I'm taking a page out of Paul's book: Shame on you all!

Be wise (Jas. 1:19)


Another thing . . . If Sen, Barak Obama is the “anti-Christ,” this should be good news for Christians. Obama's appearance on the stage of "end time events" should beacon a blazon neon sign of Jesus’ return for His Church, which should cause for a celebration,--not for panic and fear. Are you happy about Jesus’ soon return or not?



The bible also tells us of a false profit behind the anti christ so while we all concentrate on who we believe the anti christ will be may not be him or her but the one waiting in the winds
it also says the anti christ will be quite charming and one we will trust to save us in our hardest times ,i dont see obama fitting that description but the main key is he will suffer a head injury and recover, and that is when we will truly follow him as a strong leader..
Its tricky, but when it comes to religion its always been a fun ride...lol
good luck breaking the code


I completely agree with all comments displayed here especially Seamus McGuinness because his/her words are nearly exact to what I have been feeling...right down the the urgency and I do mean URGENCY to vote in this election. I'm not exactly apathetic when it comes to politics but I must confess that I have very little interest due to the fact that all the candidates seem to be corrupt in my view. Where did he come from? What has he done that is so stupendous that everyone dotes on this man? His speeches are ambiguous...as stated by other posts, he says he will fix, repair, help...but never states HOW.. I fear for all of us and don't want to sound like some fanatic but I honestly in my heart feel this man is evil. Antichrist? Only time will tell.....


Can someone explain the head injury thing VIC BAZ mentioned in his comment?


in light of the recent discoveries concerning mr obama's religion i would like to say he is a member of a "church" that practices hate. i dont care if the trinity church of christ or what ever its name is does claim to be christian,,, they preach hate. Jesus never did. It seems to me they are no different than the kkk or aryan nation,, they too call their leaders rev, and pastor,, they too claim to be a christian religion,, but they too preach hate.... i say anyone who claims to be a christian but is a member of a hate based church has the spirit of the antichrist.


i was thinking this myself since dec. 2007 i dont think it has anything to do with racism in my mind. let HIS kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven ,now


Wow, the hatred and ignorance on this board is amazing to me. If I read this correctly, Barack Obama may be the anti-christ because he has not been clear on how he is going to change America and because you don't understand why people support him? Really? That's quite a leap, don't you think?

Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian man. He is not muslim, nor was he ever. His birth dad was raised as a muslim, denounced the religion and became an athesist. His parents divorced when he was two, his mom re-married and Obama was not raised in a religious household. He, in fact, found his way to Christianity based on his own beliefs and his own faith. Is this not a good thing? Everyone is criticizing a man who found his own way to God? Did anyone actually do any research on Obama or did everyone just hear a muslim name and assume he was the devil?

The fact that he is a member of a church who has a leader that is full of hatred does not mean that he himself is full of hatred. Are we holding Obama accountable for another man's sins? I certainly hope not.

To the intelligent person who said "Strange that he hail from Chicage....His zip code there was 60606....look it up if you do not believe me." I did. And you're an [DELETED]. He lives in Kenwood, Illinois. Which has 2 zipcodes: 60615 and 60653. Neither of which are 60606. He moved to Kenwood after living in Hyde Park in Chicago. Zip codes for Hyde Park: 60615 & 60637. Again, not 60606.

All of this talk of "Barack Hussein Obama" equaling 666 is funny to me. You now who else has a name like that? George=6 Walker=6 Bush=4 Jr=2. Thats 6 6 4+2=6. 6 6 6 Hmmmmm Does that mean George W. Bush is the antichrist? Absolutely not. Does that mean my neighbor who has 18 letters in their is the antichrist? Absolutely not. The whole idea is ridiculous. This is a propaganda tool used by people driven by fear.

Driven by fear. Not love. Fear. Now you tell me... which is more Christian?

Amanda Johnson

I have Never really believed I would see the end times but now I believe I can't explain it.
I think Oprah is the anti christ..she has more power and money attends the same Church. its not about race or even religion, I just have a pit in my stomache and of course there are the scary dreams....

He is a separatist...does that mean we are the true believers because he is a pretender and the weird thing is at first I liked him and now he just weirds me out...he is lying..Thank God I am saved by Christ.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Oprah Winfrey did attend Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, but left some time ago because of reported conflicts with Rev. Wright's message.


Obama is the anti-christ. And it scares me because of all the things I've read. It has been predicted long ago; St. Malachy and the predictions of the last pope. Who will side with the anti-christ. The Mayans calender ending in 2012. The Bible itself predicts the coming of the anti-christ in revelations. Nostradamus predicted the coming of the anti-christ. All of these have way too many similarities to be wrong. So I urge you to look every bit of info up, you can about this. We're not over reacting, and his race has absolutly NOTHING to do with this. I'm so tired of hearing the racial garbage. It's just all the pieces are falling into place. So Pray and get close to God and Christ, If you are not already doing so. It's REAL, keep your eyes open! Peace.


As much as I agree w/ your suspicion of Obama being the antichrist, your focus on abortion has me puzzled. I am against abortion personally and I would never do it unless raped. First, banning abortion will not stop it. Second, it is a personal decision. If a women would like to have an abortion, the decision to do so and the actual abortion should be made within in the first trimester. Otherwise your reasoning for having the abortion in the first place is questionable and you may regret it afterwards if you go through with it. That's just my opinion. If a woman wants to have an abortion at any time then that's her decision. If I were raped I would not regret an abortion because I would be taking the morning after pill before I even knew for sure if I was pregnant. You can have your personal opinion, but who are you to say what a woman can do with their own body. Let the person who made the decision to have the abortion live with the sin and guilt. How does her abortion have any affect on you? Saying its wrong and its against God's will, just infuriates people who already have a certain sterotype of christians. Dont' make your decision for the presidency based on their views of abortion. There are more very important topics like immigration, the war, etc to worry about.


Erm....LOL! I don't care who the anti-Christ is because it means I'm going to be taken up to my Lord and Saviour! Bring it on! (Carla's post made the most sense here btw)

Let God's righteous judgments continue to afflict the wicked. The nations of the world have greatly offended God. Some claim to be His servants yet they are ignorant of the terms and conditions of the covenant of Jesus Christ and try to serve Him in the flesh under the influence of the ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT. They do the works of contrition and hate the works of faith.

Their hearts are not daily circumcised by God's Spirit and they do not bear the fruit of the Spirit unto God. Yet they wish to inherit eternal life without the believer's priesthood that makes us holy.

The apostle Paul spoke of things that we cannot touch or handle. Those are the spiritual things by which we serve God. Yet wolves in sheep's clothing stand on the pulpits each day and teach multitudes the works of the flesh that destroy the soul.

Some nations will reject God's apostles that are restoring the headship of Jesus Christ. The knowledge stewards of the true gospel that will be preached throughout the world (then the end will come).

Many false apostles, false prophets etc. are already here. Never leading people into a covenant with God through Jesus Christ, yet leading them into a covenant with death where they can exercise their vain imaginings and wicked principle.

Come o Lord! So your true children will be revealed in due time. Those who will endure the fire of your testing to the end and are receiving the priceless rewards thereof! Those who worship you in Spirit and in Truth with the fruit of their lips. Those who can discern between the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of God. Those who hear the voice of their Shepard, Jesus Christ. Those who please God as they serve Him in perfect faith for Christ is the very essence of faith. Those who have a perspective from the throne of God. Those whose righteousness is Christ.

We shall know the children of Satan by their fruit

GALATIANS 5v19-24:
19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
20 Idolatary, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
22 BUT the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.


The "end" is going to happen, and there is nothing anyone can do about that. It doesn't matter who we vote for or whatever. I am a little dissapointed by these comments. I was looking for something to prove that all of this "Obama is The Antichrist" stuff wasn't a bunch of hogwash. I still haven't found the proof, but I will keep searching because I am bored. I do agree with the Oprah being the antichrist though. Actually that just dawned on me this a.m. Okay I just changed my mind, anyways as a christian I am inclined to believe that we are judgeing someone without much merit here, and YES, I think it is because he isn't white.(btw, I am white). Actually when I picture the antichrist, I picture a white man, like someone who resembles Christopher Walken (however you spell it), so I will continue to check back in here for some harder evidence that obama is actually the "antichrist."


I don't know who the antichrist is, however I do know that anyone that advocates partial birth abortions is evil-period. The fact that so many Americans are willing to overlook Obama's voting record on late term abortion is what really frightens me more than the man himself.

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