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May 18, 2008



my ex husband has filed six false dcfs reports all of which have been unfounded. We are going through a custody battle right now. I would like to know who i would contact to file charges of these false reports. please and thank you


my ex husband filed a dcfs report with success getting a founded report which I am fighting as he will use it against me in court down the line... What CCCP fun to be defending my innocence on anonymous charges with no right to appeal the verdict... ---- He's laughing all the way from the kids having a 100% attendance rating with me to a good 83% with him riding the wave of the indication to gain primary placement ---$3000! for the very good lawyer to defend the DCFS charge circus... but my innocence doesn't get that refunded!!! --- This is an addition to my lawyer defending me from my "former" abuser and the court appointed lawyer for the kids!!! ----- So if you want to leave your ex as he is abusive, beware of the IL DCFS siding with him. Makes for more DCFS hostage customers for them down the line. --- DCFS anonymous reports are wrong when allowed to be made by an ex in a highly disputed divorce. ---- So many problems with DCFS it needs funding cut a good 95%, especially if their workers can afford Starbucks & air conditioning as in my lynching trial today. --- Between Ipass & DCFS, skip IL altogether, my suggestion. Only a nuclear blast would rid the two of corruption as most people don't care, would rather report on their neighbor then ask if they need help and find the help.... gov't help is naturally corrupt.


DCFS is so out of control in Illinois!!! The power they have is so abusive. They come in take only half statements from witness, & don't do background checks, & don't compare characters of anyone. Tear apart a family & accuse grandmother of being a hazard to grandchildren because of a babysitter statement by which has crime issuses & is a major liar. Then no one will listen or can't defend ourselves against them... How Shameful! Protect our children, More like Protect the abuser & abuse the innocent; Should be PA/AI...

DCFS Reformer

IL DCFS is prevented by law from accepting anonymous calls because they are required by the Child Protection Act to report their conclusions to the initial complainant once the investigation is completed. Anononymity is no more.


Jean Cohoon

I am the mother of MeLisa Cleary. She was murdered on June 6th, 2008 in Mackinaw, Il. Tazewell county DCFS has distroyed the kids since that day. I am trying to start a support group for unsolved crimes in Tazewell/Woodford County.



Illinois DCFS are monsters on a power trip, cooperating with churches violating our rights as AMERICANS. Something needs to be done about their proceders, who they can and can't harass. And only remove children when they have undisputable evidence of abuse or neglect. not this 50.1% [XXdeletedXX], if we say it goes. DCFS is supposed to help families not destroy them. LET'S DO SOMETHING TOGETHER!!!!! email me with valuable information- Turnerhater@gmail.com


Husband and father got in to fight, husband was arrested, 6 days later DCFS showed up, made my Dad move out, and wont let my husband come back or they will remove my kids, never has there been any DCFS allegations against me or hubby; my dad on the other hand has a long history with them, I even proved dad moved out. My kids need their father back, he has been on the streets since 12/28/08 sleeping on couches at different friends houses, me and hubby has never had any domestic problems between us or our kids, this was just a feud with my hubby & father! Please help me!


My children were removed from my care about 3 and a half months ago. SInce then my twin boys who are now 10 months old. My twins have been sick since they were taken. They are in foster care and one of them was just hospitalized due to his prolonged illness. My caseworker is a monster and is on a severe power trip. She is completely ignoring my concerns about this. I am afraid that my twins may become extremely ill before they will give them back to me. I have the GAL on my side, and the states attorney on my side to give my kids back. Hopefully this will end before my children get even worse off.

Jennifer M

My neighbor in morgan county housing keeps calling dcfs on me and has in 3 other neighbors that I know of and other people when she gets mad at em for whatever reason. All my reports have been unfounded but Im tired of it, its really harassing and want it to stop. How do I file a false report? Whats the best way to go about this? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE to JENNIFER M: Of course, DCFS should be the first contact made by you regarding these false reports. I would point out that this neighbor uses THE DCFS hotline as a weapon. If that doesn't work, I would consider contacting the police and possibly filing a complaint, if this woman's charges are found to be erroneous. But, of course, the calls are supposedly "confidential". Has someone told you that they know the neighbor is making these phone calls?

Finally, many people overlook constituent service offered by legislators. I am always surprised how many people do not know that their state Senator or state Representative makes available help on issues like this and others. I would contact your state Representative first. If you don't know who it is, call your City Hall and they will provide you with the information. Get the phone numbers for both your state Rep. and state Senator.

I hope this is helpful. DCFS has enough real work to do and if they forced to investigate erroneous charges that takes away from the real cases which need attention.

Theresa Graf

I filed a report hoping to remain anonymous and DCFS did not redact my name before giving it to the parents. I am the relative foster care giver for the children and it has caused my family to become estranged from me, and I would like to know what I can do.

Diane T


Any person who knowingly transmits a false report to the Department commits the offense of disorderly conduct under subsection (a)(7) of Section 26-1 of the Criminal Code of 1961. A first violation of this subsection is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by a term of imprisonment for up to one year, or by a fine not to exceed $1,000, or by both such term and fine. A second or subsequent violation is a Class 4 felony.


"Trust me, I'm here to help you, I'm from the government." -c


My husband's ex has reported me twice to DCFS for Child abuse all of which are unfounded.

Since my step-daughter was one year old, my husband and his ex were separated and since then she never taken care of the little girl and hasn't paid any child support.My husband and I started to take care of the little girl together since she was 3 year old. I am the one who cooks for her, takes her to school and arranges birthday party for her. She calls me mommy. I love her. But I am tired of the harassment from my husband's ex. I feel mad and unfair.

I know DCFS is trying to protect kids, but many people are using DCFS hotline as a weapon to against other people they hate by making false reporting. How can we prevent this? Should those people be punished? They are trying to destroy families and at the same time, they are wasting the taxpayers' money. The DCFS employees should spend their time on more meaningful things and help people who really need it.

As parents, what can we do to protect ourselves? My husband's ex is a miserable loser who doesn't want us to be happy. I want to point out,the parent who takes care of kids can easily become the victim of false reporting. The other parent who doesn't live with the kids, who doesn't pay any child support, and who doesn't take care of the kids can easily make the false reporting without paying any price. Is this fair?

We are thinking of taking legal actions. Maybe we will call police and file a complaint. Any legal help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Bala Cynwyd Divorce Lawyer

I recently came across your blog and have been reading about Child Custody. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often..


I just would like some advice........ I don't know what to do or who to turn to, I have been witnessing now FOR SOME TIME, my brother get dragged threw the system, He got divorced six years ago ( not his choice) he was inlove and would have continued to be with this woman, but SHE divorced him so she could pursue a Stripping career, ever since them she has made his life hell...... she has called DCFS in Illinois and WI time after time after time and claimed he is abusive to his two children, and each time he has to come up with money for a lawyer to defend himself. Each time she does this, it does have effect on the children and they are being used as a pawn against thier father, its a sick game and its scary and she is getting away with it. My brother fights for his name to be cleared, FIGHTS to see his kids that he loves so much, and just when he thinks he stands a chance she CALLS DCFS with NEW CHARGES against him. my brother is being destroyed inside and he is stressed and cries alot, he is loosing his children because no one will help him. what is this teaching the children? what could they possibly think? is been going on SIX years! my brother is in debt, from all the lawyer fee's not to mention every time he gets a step ahead, she pulls another move and he has to start over, he won't give up fighting for his kids, he is a good dad and loves them and he is innocent of all her crazy accusations. MY GOODNESS isn't there any justice? doesn't anyone see what this crazy woman is putting her kids threw? THAN after that she makes false accusations again my parents ( the granparents) when will DCFS stop her madness? any help please................


I sent a mail to IL State registration office. I request that the report and all the identifying information be kept in the registration office for a long term(10 years I believe). Otherwise the report and the identifying information will be destroyed and it will be hard for us to locate the evidence in the future. I also called police and filed a harassment report.I was considering to request a temporary restrain order from the local court. Still not sure if I want to take it that far....

If you believe someone is trying to harass you, I think the first thing you need do is keeping the evidence. You have to write to the registration office within 10 days after the report is finalized by DCFS. I also called DCFS and told the staffs there that someone is trying to harass me and I am considering to take legal actions. The investigator from DCFS assigned a "possibly false report code" to my case and the person who made the report.

From now on, whenever this person is trying to harass me again, DCFS will take into consideration of her credibility. Also, all the evidence has been kept and it's easier for us to take legal actions if she tries to harass me again in the future.


I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids both of my kids are in foster care here in ohio my kids grandmother live in cook county il my kids grandmother had a home study done for placement for my 2 kids the workers in chicago il denied her of placement my case worker here in ohio want my kids to be put up for adoption / sale we have to stop cps & family court I dont know much about interstate compact I would like for anyone to contact me my e-mail is kindnessohio33@yahoo.com


I am a mother of six kids and one being disabled. My husband and I have had three reports from DCFS that were found unfounded and we are working on another. All three reports were given by my husband's ex-wife and now this one we are currently fighting was given by my ex-husband's girlfriend's caseworker. Another caseworker for DCFS (in a different county) of whom I have never met but works with the girlfriend to help her regain custody of her son. This woman had lost custody of her son. My husband's ex-wife had lost custody of her three to my husband at the time when her reports were filed. Not to mention, one of the reports she filed, the incident happened in her care. How is this even possible? It's obvious these reports were filed out of spite and that the fact is I am currently having problems being harassed by my ex-husband's girlfriend and we were being harassed by my husband's ex-wife when hers were filed.
Then, to top it off, when our kids were pulled out of class to be questioned, the DCFS caseworker was asking questions about a report that was found unfounded. I had thought that when it's found unfounded, that that was it. I never once thought that we'd have it thrown in our faces again. DCFS in the state of Illinois is a joke. I do not understand how people who have lost custody of their kids with DCFS has the right to report on others? Especially, if they are not able to take the steps to keep their children in their own home. I argue the screening process and people's reports being confidential because the situation I am in. I think if you have the right to report to DCFS, people who are getting reported on should have the right to see who it is incase of a spiteful and vengeful ex. I think that if it still stays this way than more and more innocent people will get accused and in some cases wrongfully charged. Pitiful.

Traci Smith

I have a DCFS story that will curl your hair like everyone on here is saying. I want to know what to do to fight their allegations, which were thrown out of court but yet kept my daughter and whats worse, gave her to her dad who has never been involved in her life. I cant afford a lawyer now to fight him and land of lincoln wont take my case.

R. Meyer

My 13yr old niece does not feel safe at home & is physically & verbally abused (never any bruises or marks.)Is it possible if DCFS was called that my niece could live with myself (sisterof her estranged father who is in prison somewhere!) my husband of 21yrs & my 5 yr ld daughter? I have plenty of room & a bedroom for her. And a whole lot of love for her!!!!

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