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June 15, 2008



The Left worships itself and the media are 90% leftists. There is no God in Marxism. The party is god; socialism is its religion. When one of its leading members in good standing dies, it is as if Fidel died. The Nation is asked to mourn the loss of a great party leader. We should have military parades in the streets of New York with Obama, the party's great and all powerful leader, in the throne of observation! The most valuable part of the socialist party is it's most successful propagandists.


In this one event in history we learn one lesson, if you are not liked by a majority, you won't get a big funeral. To be nice--you must kiss .... to the higher ups in the field of interest. If you don't, no one will remember you for what you did, or what you said.
Today in this country, we are all being told to tow the right wing line or else "unkle censorship" will be here to stifle our outrage at the powers that be, for whatever redress we are crying out for.
It is not a political issue we are crying out about, it is a basic human right, which is being surpressed by those who know how to pull the chains of restraint upon the masses. It is propoganda which once again replaces truth, it is a fabricated mess of lies which is replaced a actual event, and it is a machine of will which feeds on itself, at the expense of freedom. This is what the Press in America today depends on--4 days of "Tim Russert-- How we never knew ye"
Thanks MSNBC and CNN !

Sean Osborne

I concur with the comment above [by Sara], the godless socialists have always been and always will be a threat to this consititutional Republic. I heard a Baptist minister once say a very resonating phrase:
"A democracy is for sheeple; a Constitutional Republic is for we the people."

I learned in talking with Laurie Roth on the phone well over a month ago that the Hannity team acknowledged her breaking the story on Barack Hussein Obama's terrorist ties with William Ayres, and how they back-tracked on a planned report and instead fraudulently went forward with the story and continue to this day to peddle the lie that Sean Hannity broke the story.

Thank You to Dan and RFFM.org for reiterating the truth we've been presenting since March 2008. http://theneinblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/barak-hussein-obama-his-questionable.html http://theneinblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/barack-hussein-obama-deceiver.html

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