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July 20, 2008



Thank You! Someone has to tell the truth about Romney! You've done an excellent job detailing exactly why Romney should NEVER be included on a Presidential Ticket. I for one cannot vote for McCain if Romney is on the ticket!


You Hucksters really need to move on.

Log off of Hucksarmy, turn off the computer, go outside, take in some fresh air, take in some deep breaths, and move on. Look, neither Huck nor Romney won. Odds are that neither will be the VP. Do you really understand the ramifications of an Obama presidency?? Are you really prepared to allow that for you own petty bitterness?? Go on and take a break. Try a new perspective. Give up the hate and bitterness. You will feel better. Romney did attack Huck's record (like Thompson did). Thats politics. Its not like he tried to belittle Huck's evangelical faith, right?


I don't care if PeeWee Herman is McCain's VP running mate. I will vote McCain. I will do whatever I have to do to stop Barack Obama the corrupt; James Cone Black Liberation Theology of racial hatred; stuttering XXXXX; Media phoney; Bush-clone Obama.

Gregg J


give up the "hate and bitterness?" What the sam hill are you talking about? All this article does is lay out the case against Mitt Romney as McCain's VP choice.

What specific parts from the article do you disagree with and why. Let's debate the substantive points like grown ups instead of ad hominem attacks shall we?

By the way, what does "HucksArmy" have to do with this article? Neither John nor I are members of HA?

Raise the level of your argument instead of your voice.

Gregg J

Yota, let me get this straight: Obama is a "Bush Clone" and McCain who is more liberal than Bush is superior to Obama? Nice logic bud.


Thank you. Finally someone not afraid to tell the truth about Romney!!


Thanks for the facts; Romney is a fake and absolutely a RINO. He has flip-flopped, sent thousands of jobs overseas, and represents only the Wall Street crowd. I pray McCain will not choose him, because if he does, he will lose. America does not want more of the status quo where special interests and lobbyists rule - we must have change, and Romney is absoutely more of the same. I will vote for McCain, but only if he does not choose Romney as VP. Choosing him would demonstrate that McCain has lost his maverick principles and surrendered to the Republican machine. No to Romney!


Why do I hear different versions of the truth? The facts here are totally miscontrued to tar Romney. Romney didn't have anything to do with the bills he signed as governor. These were bills presented by the congress and judges, if he didn't sign them they would have been overturned in any case.

I don't know the specifics, but I know enough to have been told by lawyers that actually understand how the law works that there was little Romney could do about that. The bills presented had already been approved by Romney and in fact it would have been illegal for him not to sign them. He couldn't even use his veto power to overturn those already made decisions.

You really ought to go further, and read the defense case already made againsta all the points mentioned above and not ony reprint old news.

Why hasn't anyone made a point against the defense to those accusations? Probably, because they can't.

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