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November 07, 2008



The only reason we voted for McCain was because he wasn't Obama, however, Sarah Palin was a huge surprise and we'd love to see her paired up with Jindal for 2012. All your questions are very good ones.

And what is going to happen to the United States under Obama? I had horrendous nightmares last night. We must all pray like monks (and then pray some more!).

chip S

Commenting about McCain supporting embryonic stem cell research. Follow the link.[http://stemcellresearch.org/facts/treatments.htm].

ANWR. I called McCain's office and told them to take 30 seconds and Google image ANWR to see the *Real* area for drilling. 30 seconds.

Water boarding, of course, was popularized in the 2006 presidential campaign w/ Kerry's photo-op off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. Water boarding is also used by our USN and USAF flight crews if shot down over water.

The MMM coverage was devastating.

Bill Ayers is by far the most corrupted figure w/ his Weather Underground. Instead of bombs, he is now teaching future teachers propaganda to teach our children socialism. Ayer's is also traveling to meet his Comrad Hugh Chavez to learn his model of education as a model for our children.

Last but not least. Our military in Iraq suffer 1.7 combat deaths a day. Back home our abortionists 4,000 babies per day, also in combat. Total troops killed after 5 1/2 years is about 3,500 since the start of the war. For pre-born babies is > 7.5 million!!

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