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July 30, 2009


Phil Collins

I agree with Dan. All Illinois Republicans should learn from the party leaders’ previous mistakes. In 2004, when Jack Ryan quit the U.S. Senate race, the IL GOP State Central Committee nominated Alan Keyes. In Nov., he got 27%. Before the 2006 primary, many republican leaders endorsed then-Treasurer Topinka. She won her primary, and, in the general election, she got 38%. Before the 2008 primary, many party leaders endorsed Dr. Sauerberg. He won his primary, and, in the general election, he got 29%. As soon as Andy McKenna and Jim Edgar endorsed Rep. Kirk, all Illinois Republicans should have known that they should support a different candidate.

Jean Cohoon

I see the same thing. Many of the so-called Republicans can not be distiquished from thier Democratic counterparts. Illinois, being called the "most corrupt state in the union" after the Blago scandal has earned her title. I belive we also have the highest tax in the union. It makes one wonder if there really are two parties in Illinois.

You said it best in this statement Dan,

but it is an absolute certainty pro-family Republicans would rather sit on their hands than cast a ballot for Kirk,

Very Concerned,
R. Jean Cohoon

Dennis C. Ryan

Dan has it right. The two most abused statements Republicans have
had to put up with are: "Republican - right or wrong," and
"The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican."
Certain elements in our Party have been hiding behind those two statements for years while they did their dirty work, siding with the Democrats on controversial issues.
WRONG is WRONG, and cute mottos can't excuse it. If an office-holder does not support Republican values, he is NOT A REPUBLICAN, and should not campaign as one. As Republican voters it is our job to replace such people with persons who uphold Republican ideals.


I will never vote for Kirk!! He betrayed the American People by voting for the Cap and Scam bill!! Never!!! We need another alternative!!! I will work to keep him from being elected, he is wrong for the corrupt state of IL!! He has been bought and paid for by the enviromentalist wackos (Sierra Club) who believe save the earth and let the people die!!

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