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December 31, 2009


Don Hank

Hello Dodie, Thanks for an article that is sensitive to real Americans. You are so right that illegal immigration is hurting us. But the 60s values are probably the main problem. We need to fight back against those. They were not a natural response of humans tending to be free. Just the opposite. The were imposed or suggested by clever marketing people from top down in a way that makes most feel they arrived at these ideas by themselves.


Having live through much of the time described here, much of it in the uniform of this once great Republic's Army, I feel that the problem goes back much further. Washington put down the Whiskey Rebellion using troops, Lincoln pretty much killed States Rights, in 1914 control of our money was given to people with special interests. In the 1920s growth of government outlawed vices that give power and money to criminal elements. In the 1930s the government created a system that created a permanent under class, dependant on government support, and owing them re-election. I too remember neighbors taking care of each other, but the people have changed. Since I do not have a time machine, I see little hope of going back.
Article is good.

George A. Campos

Excellent article Dodie. I would have added the following:

Over the past decade or two, many, many Americans have dropped out of mainstream Christ-ianity. About 15% of Americans claim no religion!

We wonder why we are failing?

The answer and the truth is Christ-ianity has departed some distance from the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles

We understand approximately 70% of Americans claim to be Christ-ians, BUT
only 13% (or less) have memorized or even practice the 10 Commandments, even though the Commandments aren't prefaced with, "IF YOU ARE IN THE MOOD."

Regardless of what mainstream churches are teaching, there exist scores of scriptures advising we learn, memorize and keep and obey God's Laws and His entire way of life. It's your choice America.. Exodus 20:1-17
Upon request, I offer a 10 Commandments logo to be affixed to a mouse pad.
Name and address. [email protected].

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