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December 08, 2009



The duty of the press is subjugated to their allegiance to the welfare state. News that would reveal the deficiencies of said state is not to be published.


Unfortunately, this is not only in your state and city, but most everywhere.

Here in our metro area alone dozens of children have been investigated for starvation, abuse, etc, but are left in the home and within a year you read where they have been murdered, or injured to the point they will never survive or be that same again. And the agency always has the excuse..........we did not find anything in the home to make us believe it would be best to take the child or children from their intimate family; then when the child is murdered it is always another excuse, not enough case workers to benefit children, too overloaded to do complete investigation, etc. One child abuse was turned into the agency a year ago by a family member who knew what was happening and told them, the agency said they investigated, found no faults in the home and left the child with the mother and her boyfriend, 3 months later the child was taken to Parkland hospital where it died from injuries dating from current to months before. Boyfriend and mother was arrested for murder and inflicting injuries to a minor. But it was too little, too late to give that blessed baby his own life of joy and love.

The family member sent an article to the local papers and condemned the agency here, saying it had all the information, had seen the bruises on the child, the black eyes and failed to do anything, and the family blames the death on the corrupt agency as much as the mother and her boyfriend. The agency was supposedly re-organized, but to date we are still getting news of children being investigated for abuse and still left in home with the excuse, "it is better if possible for child/children to remain with family members where possible." Still an excuse for poor investigation which I term pure laziness, just job security; even tho the child/children turn up seriously injured or murdered shortly. How sad this world has become toward its children. Why bring them into the world if we are going to just throw them away? If one does not want a child then use the means available to prevent it from becoming a truth. Only ignorance brings in an unwanted child. There is no greater gift than that of the love of a child and the feel of their loving arms around one's neck.

For anyone who cannot properly provide the love and care a child needs and deserves, there is always the option of adoption. There are plenty of families out there looking to provide a good home for a newborn and older children.

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