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December 23, 2009



And who are YOU?? Thank God for people who CARE about hate speech! I just heard about this story on WND and was thrilled that I did. Mr. Kelly was completely CORRECT in his actions and since hearing about this incident (even if well after the fact) I'm glad it came to me BEFORE the primaries. Mr. Kelly will GET MY VOTE and trust me; I'll be making sure that my many CHRISTIAN friends will hear this story too. I imagine he'll be getting many more votes than might have been expected. If we’re fortunate he’ll be elected too. He’s JUST the kind of person our state DESPERATELY needs in office.

I have to say I was SHOCKED to read your statement ‘RFFM.org’s goal is also to fight for the Judeo-Christian heritage which made America the greatest nation on Earth’ after having read your article blasting Mr. Kelly for his actions. I’m sorry but it seems to me you are in serious DENIAL. Here’s a man BRAVE enough to take action AGAINST the God-haters in our state (and nation), against those who would SLANDER the God of the Bible (the ONLY true God) and YOU join in with those who would CHASTISE HIM?? Excuse me?

The sign in question is to be considered HATE SPEECH as surely as is any hate speech in public as it’s described in the new federal law about hate speech in general. It could easily instigate someone hostile to religion to take HARMFUL actions towards people of faith. It's incendiary, exactly why it was put there in the first place. Will I contribute to your ‘cause’? Absolutely not, not until you have ALL your priorities straight. IMO you owe Mr. Kelly a huge PULBIC apology!

PLEASE get a clue!


Who am I? I am the Chairman of the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee. If Mr. Kelly wins his lawsuit, there will be no Nativity Scene in the capitol of Illinois. It will go out the door with the Freedom From Religion Foundation's (FFRF) sign. The FFRF is a group made up of pagans. Their criticism is not faith specific, i.e., they don't specifically target Baptists or Evangelicals or Catholics. They simply state their opinion about people who believe in God.

Daniel T. Zanoza


I'm commenting once more to 'temper' my first comment. After reading the story (for the first time today) I was soooooo upset that a man who would put himself 'out there' and take a stand AGAINST those who hate God would then be chastised in any way BY a Christian, well it was beyond belief for me. And I must confess that I didn't read the above article by Mr. Zanoza before writing and sending my comment. I retract what I implied about Mr. Zanoza's intentions in writing the article.

Yet having said that I, like Mr. Zanoza wrote do NOT know what Mr. Kelly's true intentions were in doing what he did. IF it was simply a political stunt to garner votes, God knows for sure. He alone KNOWS Mr. Kelly's heart. And YES, there IS a proper way to conduct ones self in public, even if a person is feeling 'persecuted' by a sign, etc. Christians above ALL need to show God's love in our actions at ALL times. But I dare to say that MANY Christians have felt like turning the sign over, stealing it, tearing it up, destroying it in ANY way possible to get RID of it and it's hateful message. I must confess I may have done the same thing!

Anyway, I didn't feel good about how I ended things with my first comment. I feel that PC or Political Correctness has STRANGLED our nation and so many of us are TIRED of it. We're SICK of what's happening in our nation, how Christians above ALL are being attacked more and more. Yet at the same time the scripture warns us (as did Jesus) that we'll be persecuted and hated by men. So I don't know if Mr. Kelly was wrong or not in his actions. I'd like to believe that he was moved by a sincere heart. I suppose that only time will tell.

Sincerely and In Christ,

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