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January 29, 2010


R. Jean Cohoon

This is not the first time O'Reilly has made questionable comments. In a previous broadcast he made the statement that "Jesus is ONE way to get to heaven" *caps mine for emphasis* JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY AND THE SOONER WE STAND UP FOR THAT THE BETTER. We, as a country, need to stop being afraid to step on someone's toes and DO THE RIGHT THING in spite of the results. If the country wants to wallow in homosexual perversion and murder and looking the other way to avoid a little common sense then we might as well just flush all our values down the tube. We can't preach love and Jesus on one platform and bow down to politicians in the other. Pick a side and stand firm. At this point, even the immoral public is wavering and drifting to what ever direction serves them for the moment.


I am a bit shy of three decades in the Army, agree that open disply of sexual preference is out of place in the military. Yes, FOX seems to be leaning pretty far toward the left.

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