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January 08, 2010


Debra Nice

Before the election that ushered in the so called Anointed one; Obama for president, I did alot of research on the candidates. Normally I vote Republican, I am very conservitive, Pro-life etc. but I do want the best man for the job. The information I came up with was not good on Obama. There were too many unanswered questions. He affilliated with the wrong kind of people. He lacked experience and had no military background. There were so many no, no, no's when asked does he this or did he that or has he this or has he that the answer always came up well no.... Then the real clencher came. I found out that Obama voted three times while in the Senate againt funding hospitals with money for Botched abortions. These babies who came out alive instead of dead, who possibly could of lived if their injuries wern't too bad, if given care, food, water, med's etc. were placed on towels on tables in back hospital rooms and left to cry themselves to death.I thought Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton were hard hearted. This is beyond them all. I believed from that point on that Obama was Evil. I didn't trust him. I believed that his agenda was to ruin the United States financially first (the bailout and Healthcare) to get us in a weakened position. To purpousely do stupid things that a President shouldn't do,in meeting with other countries to make the United States look weak and foolish. Getting the US into a Socialist Country where the government is in control is his way of preparing us for the New World Order.We will be dependent on the other countries as part of the New World Order because we will no longer be a super power. I believe he has been in training for the Leader of the New World Order and when the time is right he will take over.That has been his one goal all along. A Universal government He does not care about the United States as itself. Only as part of the Euopeon Union that he will run. Thank you, Debra Nice

Darryl Grammer

First of all, i would love to agree with you on that last paragraph. Let me give you a name for your theory though. Cloward-Piven strategy. It is named from the two fore runners of this strategy, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. The name of the game is organized chaos. Cloward and Piven are two widely known and very open socialists that Obama was very involved with in his time in Chicago as a social activist on the south side of town. They believed that if you could get a government to overload itself or walk itself into a trap, a market crash or band failing epidemic, people wouldn't know where to turn. They would become angry and displeased with their government and try to overthrow them or threaten them if they didn't change. At this point in our story, along came a spider. He was a young student fresh out of Columbia grad school for law. He thirsted to become an activist, leading the way for change. Cloward and Piven wasted no time in deciding that this spider would become their tool. In the frantic state the US was in, we reached out for this change blindly and unknowingly in a desperate cry for help from this now presidential canidate, Barack Obama. I know why we did it. We were scared. We didn't know where else to turn. But what will the cost be for our silent submission to the signing of another trillion dollars in debt or the signing of a ludicris health bill? I'm afraid we may reap what we have sown in the upcoming years. And furthermore, i do not expect it to be pretty.

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