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February 17, 2010


Gabriel Gradney,

I'm not a medal winner or hero, I served in Viet Nam 1966/67 in DaNang/Quand Tri. I was w/A-1-1, then was sent to Scout Snipers school DaNang, Ist Mar Div HQ. My last four months drove for Ist Mar Rej S-2's C.O.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your service to our country! All Americans who devoted a significant part of their lives to the defense of liberty are heroes. Republicans For Fair Media (RFFM) is thankful to the millions of men and women who dedicated themselves and, in many cases, sacrificed their lives, that we may remain what Ronald Reagan referred to as that "shining city on a hill". Again, thank you, Gabriel Gradney! You--and all who served our country in the past and present--are true American heroes.

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