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March 24, 2010



In addition to people being forced to pay for other people, there are thousands of people who will be force to start paying immediately, but who will die before they see any so called benefits. Using Obama's own numbers about how many people die each day, there will be over 180,000 people who will die before the 'benefits' of the plan kick in. That means that all those people will have been forced to pay for something that they will never receive. That is out and out theft.


Well said, my friends, well said. Good points. Sadly we have had a long history of many people's real Rights to provide new found rights for other groups. The Constitution is a well written document with clear simple words. Sadly the voting population does not seem to undersatnd or care about its loss.


The one clear litness test as to wheather or not something is a "right" is to see if the government is trying to TAKE it from us. If it is a "right" they are obviously TAKING it and if it is not they are SHOVING it down our throuts! So, the very fact that OBAMA NATION is touting this bill as a "RIGHT" ensures us that is clearly is not. Prepare America, This is only the beginning of the government deciding our "RIGHTS".

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