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April 29, 2010


Norris Hall

The problem is that Arizona is targeting the wrong villain.
Illegal aliens cross the border because American farmers, businessmen and citizens rely on their cheap labor to
mow their lawns, pluck their chickens, pick their lettuce and nanny their children.
Start jailing the guys who are waving cash in the faces of illegals and you might put an end to a lot of border crossings.

Problem is, most of those folks are upstanding pillars of the community are mainly white, mainly wealthy and mainly Republican.

It reminds me of ex-Governor Pete Wilson of California who hopped on the bandwagon of illegal immigration in 1996 hoping to ride it to the White House...until Mrs. Wilson admitted that they had hired an illegal alien as a housekeeper and that they hadn't paid her social security tax

Way to go, Pete!


I had lived in Arizona for 20 years. It has been an ongoing problem with illegal immigrants. I do believe a good percentage of hispanic immigrants that are legal or illegal are here to better their lives for themselves and their families. They do take jobs that are very cheap labor and they work very hard. But I should think that they also would feel that they should apply for a green card and that way the criminal illegals would be weeded out. The hispanc community should feel threatened and afraid for the population of this country since many are drug lords or gangs that are here to contribute to the rise of crime and murder. I would not want my children subject to future violence. Serious crime has esculated years before I left Arizona. One reason I left was because of the crime. I am all for the Governer of Arizona and the action she took. Check the statistics yourself.

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