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May 26, 2010



"The Democratic political machine is in favor of immigration reform."

No they are not. You have let your language be co-opted and have fallen into their rhetorical trap. "Reform" means "to improve via change". Do you think that what they propose will be an improvment? If not, then it's not reform. It's change, certainly, but it's not reform. Just like "progressive" ideals do not, in fact, represent progress.


As the son of a first generation legal American, and the husband of a first generation legal American, I totally agree. Irrespectfully would add that the allowing of the invasion refered to as migration of illegals is a major insult to the millions of Americans who have obeyed our laws to come here. It is also a slap in the face to those who are unable to find work. As a retired military officer, who has taken an oath to defend our great Republic, it is an unlawful act for politicos to protect and support those who have committed crimes in crossing our borders.

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