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May 25, 2010



As a life long resident of northern Illinois, if sounds like the Chicago standard to me. Sounds a little like the incumbent state senator whose petition signatures were challenged to pave the way for Obama's run.


Think about the timing and the dramatic fashion in which Milorad was arrested??? He was NOT a flight risk...There were NO statute of limitations pending...He was day's if not weeks' away from naming a predecessor...Which would have been far better timing for Fitzgerald to make his arrest because the Senate would still have to swear in the Senator...SO WHY didn't Fitzgerald wait when Milorad was in the middle of heated negotiations'? BECAUSE he was protecting future President Obama and his staff just as Eric Holder is protecting them now...Also, Fitzgerald has NEVER rushed before, Blagojevich has been under investigation for over 8 year's...WHY NOW? Why won't Fitzgerald release the contents' of his 2 hour meeting with Obama to the defense??? Must be nice to own the U.S.Attorney's and the Press.

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