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June 01, 2010



I have an autoimmune disease, called, Sjogren's Syndrome.

After years and years of so-called research, there is still no answer as to how I got this.

Two thoughts. One Epstein Barr hit some defective cells I had. Second is hormonal.

In my first pregnancy, I started to lose our son. I had a health nurse in Illinois come and give me some shots, three I think, and told me to stay in bed for two weeks. Many, many years
later I found out I was given DES. It causes testicular cancer in the boys whose mothers took DES, also it can make them sterile. The girls have a high risk of getting cervical cancer.
So now DES was in my body but never has Lilly talked about what it might have done to the mothers who got these shots.

Also, in Karen Malec's article the three cancers are mentioned as far as taking a birth control pill. Who is to say that all the autoimmune diseases like lupus, bechet's, sjogreng's, etc. are not related to the pill?

I figure so much is known, but if the truth got out there would be so much suing of drug companies and the government for oking these drugs, they just have tried to keep things quiet.

Good article. I'll send it along to my young relative who uses her birth control pills daily.

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