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November 08, 2010




I'm not normally one to say I told you so, but if you recall the last phone conversation that we had, this is exactly what I told you Brady would do.

You chose to ignore the signs that Brady gave conservatives in Illinois when he not only supported but endorsed Judy Barr-Topinka, the one person who was the antithesis to everything he said he stood for. I told you I was sickened by this betrayal of the conservatives by Brady back then, and I am no less still sickened by it.

You mention one quote by Brady where he says that it "depends" on whether he would march in the gay pride parade. Well, his quote in the Chicago Tribune was far worse in my opinion:

"As a Roman Catholic my personal beliefs are rooted in and informed by the theology of my faith."

As a public servant and leader, I have great respect for the will of the electorate as expressed by popular referendum or through their elected representatives, and as Governor I will follow the will of the people. Given federal laws and Supreme Court rulings, there is little we can do but work to support mothers to carry their child to term and work to ensure implementation of a parental notification law."

He tells you right here that he won't let his personal beliefs interfere with his being a "public servant."

In fact, what you have just witnessed is a continuation of Brady’s support of Topinka. Topinka is the Republican leader who publically has been calling for the Republican Party to be more moderate on their social issues so that they can “win elections.” Bill Brady has sucked that coolaid dry.

I warned you and you chose to ignore what I told you in some vein hope that Bill Brady would change his spots. Republicans got exactly what they asked for when they elected Bill Brady as their candidate for governor.

And you have Mark Kirk who is now the face of the Republican Party here in Illinois.

Dan, you have no idea how angry I am at the Republican Party for continuing to suck conservatives down the path of destruction. And as long as you continue to support people who have demonstrated that they will betray their principles, this will be the Republicans lot in life.

I pray with all my heart now that the Republican Party has Topinka and Kirk solidly at the helm, people will wake up to the impossibility of REFORMING the Republican Party.

Yours in Liberty

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